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Brombért is a musiclabel for the dancefloor, bringing together people, who are creating utopian spaces and appreciate the unexpected. Brombért is compassionate, honest and gripping – on a musical and personal level.

Demo Policy

If you believe your music is in line with our aesthetic and that your personality is fitting to ours, feel free to email secret-links to streams (ideally SoundCloud) to demos(at)brombert.com or via message at soudcloud (soundcloud.com/brombert). We recommend highlighting two or three songs at most.  Think about, that we like to release Artist-EPs so send your Tracklist with it. Any email with attached MP3s will be deleted immediately. Serious submissions only.  And please don’t be offended by our lack of reply.


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For booking or any other information, feel free to get in touch!

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